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Messy Drawers Make for Messy Lives

Messy Drawers Make for Messy Lives

If you are like most people, organizing is a struggle, especially when it comes to your drawers. Whether it be your dresser drawers, kitchen drawers, office, drawers, etc. it can be difficult to feel good about the space if it is unorganized. If you find yourself in this category of people, rest assured there is a solution! A little organization can go a long way into making you feel less stressed about life and your drawers! Here are a few tips to get you started on your drawer organization journey so you can stop feeling overwhelmed each time you open them.

Start with Simple Organization

The best way to begin organizing any drawer is to clean it out. Completely empty the drawer and get rid of anything you might not use very often. Keep only what you need, and if the items in the drawer need to be moved to another area, do so. You should only keep things in your kitchen drawers that belong in the kitchen, office supplies in office, etc.

Create Organization Categories

The next step is to categorize the items. Put things in an order that makes sense. And if you have been cramming everything into one drawer, this will make a world of difference to your sanity. Create a drawer for each type or category of the item so you know what you are looking for each time you open the drawer. If you are organizing dresser drawers and clothing is involved, fold the clothing neatly so that you have easy access to it. This will create less of a mess when on the search for a t-shirt, so long as you make an effort to fold it back up once you return it to the drawer.

Consider Spatial Organization Supplies

Some drawers will need an extra touch when it comes to organizing. For these instances, organization items such as small containers or drawer dividers can do wonders. When things are compartmentalized, especially smaller items, the drawer will look much better and you can know right away where the item you are needing might be located. Organization supplies are a lifesaver when it comes to organizing drawers that are chock full of things that need a little help with categorization.

Organization has to start somewhere, and once you get a good handle on the organizing up front, it is much easier to keep things neat and tidy.

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